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You’ve worked hard to build a legacy for your loved ones. We love working hard to show you ways to protect that legacy.  We love our work. That is why we often become our clients’ lawyers for life. 

And whether you’re just starting your family or nearing retirement, estate planning with Smith Legacy Law is not a transactional relationship. We will stay with you through all of life’s journeys.  We are committed to helping you protect and preserve your assets. Estate Planning clients enjoy a complimentary annual check-in call with their attorney and depending on the size of your estate and unique needs, more frequent contact may be merited. We monitor evolving markets, laws and regulations that may impact your estate plan and work hard to keep you informed and protected.

Prepare and Plan for the Future

As your trusted counsel and advisors, our skilled and knowledgeable attorneys will be at your side as you navigate life’s most important milestones and transitions. Smith Legacy Law is uniquely positioned to draw on a wide array of resources typical of large firms yet, at the same time, offer a level of personal service usually only available from a boutique practice. 

No matter the stage of your life or the scope of your goals, our comprehensive menu of life planning services will help you prepare for whatever the future holds.

Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning

Probate, Trust and Estate Administration

Philanthropic Giving and Charitable Planning

Supplemental / Special Needs Planning

Asset Protection Planning

Medicaid Asset Protection

Matrimonial Asset Protection

Guardianships and Conservatorships


Smith Legacy Law:
Your Lawyers For Life

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Smith Legacy Law provides knowledgeable and sophisticated representation to high-net-worth individuals wishing to safeguard their financial legacy and their family’s future. Each of our attorneys seeks to forge long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships that further our client’s goals while preserving their wealth for the next generation.

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